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Your partner of trust

Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.

The best quality for the greatest durability.

Hidraulicentro was launched in 1988 with the objective of providing quality hydraulic solution to diverse sectors of industry. From the outset, the company has dedicated its efforts to providing specialist products and services that meet all the needs of its clients efficiently and reliably.

Over the years, Hidraulicentro has gained a solid market reputation, becoming a national benchmark in the production of hydraulic cylinders. With an experienced and highly empowered team, the company stands out for its technical expertise, installing high performance standard and tailored solutions for its clients.

Hidraulicentro values its client relationships, seeking to understand their needs and providing a personalised level of service. The company strives for transparency, integrity and commitment across all of its activities and always aiming to establish long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

With a vision of the future and focusing on its continuous development, Hidraulicentro takes every effort to maintain updated and in keeping with market trends the needs of its sector. The company searches for continuous improvements to its processes and has been broadening its range of products and services within the framework of ensuring the provision of even more complete and efficient solutions to its clients.

The history of Hidraulicentro is defined by its successful trajectory accompanied by its strong commitment to quality and becoming the national benchmark reference company for the manufacturing of telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

The company has run a certified Quality Management system ever since 2001.

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At Hidraulicentro, we pursue the mission of designing and manufacturing higher quality hydraulic cylinders that are totally adapted to the needs of our clients.

Our commitment involves supplying innovative solution that drive efficiency and productivity while maintaining rigorous standards of safety and reliability in all of our products and services.


Our objective is to ensure market recognition of us as the benchmark reference in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders across diverse industrial sectors. We constantly strive for this recognition through means of the continuous improvement of our products, processes and services within the framework of meeting, and whenever possible exceeding, the expectations of our clients.


We value trust, transparency and respect in all of our relationships.

We seek excellence in quality and safety and entirely comply with all safety norms and conditions while implementing best practices in environmental standards thus contributing to overall sustainability. We act with ethics, responsibility and commitment to high quality services.

Carroçarias Armando, Lda

“Without doubt, a company with a higher level of quality both in terms of their products and delivery times and as well as the standard of client service.”
July 2023
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