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Manufacturing and Repair of

Hydraulic Jacks | Cylinders

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About Us

We are a company with over three decades of solid experience in the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders. We are entirely committed to excellence, guarantee rigorous quality control throughout every stage of manufacture, ranging from the careful selection of high quality material through to the applications of specialised thermal treatments.


One of our leading products is the integrated end of course Cardan mechanical system (configurable) of our telescopic cylinders that return safe and precise levels of performance.

Furthermore, we provide technical assistance and restore cylinders across multiple industries and brands, which serves to reflect our capacity to meet the various different needs of our equally different clients.

You can count on us to boost the performance of your operations with telescopic HIDRAULICENTRO hydraulic cylinders – a reliable choice and with a particularly high standard of quality.

Telescopic Jacks | Cylinders

A telescopic hydraulic jack | cylinder is a mechanical device that converts hydraulic energy into linear movement, deploying the telescopic stages to provide a variable series of movements. Such devices are widespread in sectors such as construction, agriculture, transport and industry, especially when needing to attain a long course of movement with limited physical space.


The main function is to generate power and movement controlled through the usage of pressurised hydraulic fluid. These versatile and efficient cylinders are capable of supporting heavy loads and return reliable levels of long lasting performance in demanding conditions.

Simple and Dual Effect Jacks | Cylinders

Simple and Dual Effect Hydraulic Cylinders are essential components in industrial automation and machinery.

The Simple Effect is triggered by hydraulic pressure on one of the sides while the Dual Effect is produced on both sides and thereby enabling controlled bidirectional movement. Such systems are vital to industrial automation systems in keeping with the specific needs of each respective application.

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We are specialists in technical assistance, repairs and restoration of telescopic, frontal, simple and dual effect telescopic hydraulic jacks | cylinders belonging to many different brands, including EDBRO, OLESA, BINOTTO, HYVA, PENTA among others. Our highly qualified team ensures a top quality and trustworthy service to meet the needs of our clients.

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